What to Expect From your Agent and the Prerequisites to be Fulfilled

What to Expect From a Bail Bond Agent and the Prerequisites to be Fulfilled

When a person first gets arrested, he or she is directly taken to the local jail in Burbank where some preliminary records are maintained, and some essential pictures and finger prints are taken to update the criminal databases. But once that process is done the criminal has the option of contacting a bail bond agent Burbank.

In case you are unaware of what services a bail bond agent Burbank delivers let me explain that to get out of jail the court will require you to pay a certain amount of money which is called bail. This amount of money is not fixed and depends on the type of crime you are arrested for. But in most cases, the amount is too high, and people find it difficult to pay for it on their own.

This is where they need the assistance of a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent pays the bail amount on behalf of you so that you can walk out of jail free.

But it is not all that simple. The bail bond agent Burbank does not take up such a huge risk on your behalf, for nothing. First of all the bail bond agent will charge you for the services he or she is rendering by making you pay at least ten or twelve percent of the total bail money you have been charged with. This percentage of money that you will pay will directly to go the bail bond agent as his profit or fee for his services and will not be refundable. But that is not enough to cover all the risk that the bail bond agent is taking on your behalf. This is why a bail bond agent might even ask you for collateral. Collateral is any property or valuable that covers the bail money. You will have to pledge that property in the name of the bail bond agent as a guarantee that you will show up in court for all your hearings and if you fail to do so that collateral will automatically be transferred to the bail bond agent Burbank.

The earlier percentage of your bail that you paid to your bail bond agent is not refundable, but this collateral is only temporarily. If you appear in court on all the dates that you are required to and go through the process without making any attempts of fleeing or running away then the collateral you gave to your bail bond agent will be transferred back to your custody. In rare cases, if your bail bond agent fails to deliver his side of promises and services then you might even have the chance of redeeming the 10 percent of bail money that you paid to your bail bond agent. But that is only the case of the bail process failed due to the bail bond agent which is very rare.

When you leave jail on bail, you are usually not allowed to leave the state or country. If the court has not imposed any such restriction to you, you will still need to ask your bail bond agent for permission before leaving. You should contact your bail bond agent and give him or her full details of the reason why you are leaving the state, the duration of your leave, and exactly when you plan on returning. If your bail bond agent approves of your request only then you have the permission to leave the state or country. On the other hand if by the court you are not allowed to leave the state or country, and yet you do then you should be prepared to get arrested once again.

A bail bonds company can be a good business option, but commencing one requires a lot of studies and detailed knowledge of the law. Professionals who know the law inside and out or people who have retired from a job in the criminal justice field can choose this path, and run a bail bonds company with their experience and expertise. It may be a round-the-clock job at the beginning. Still, if you know your job, your work will speak for you and the money will come.Bail bond services exist to help people get out of jail until their court date arrives.